Suzanne Collins, author of “The Hunger Games”

You are probably wondering where the idea of “The Hunger Games” came from.  How could someone think of something like that?  Well, Suzanne Collins was inspired to write this book when she heard the Greek myth of Thesues and the Minotaur.  The story tells about how Athens had to throw seven boys and seven girls into the Labyrinth, where they were eaten by the monstrous minotaur.  This was a way to punish themselves for the things they did in the past that made them feel guilty.  When Suzanne heard this myth, she was a child.  She understood the message: “If you mess with us, we’ll do something worse than kill you.  We’ll kill your children.”  Thesues was the son of the king and he volunteered to be killed.  Suzanne thought that in a way, Katniss, in the Hunger Games, is like a future version of Thesues.

The entire story of “The Hunger Games” is based on Rome.  The Hunger Games were like a more improved version of the Roman gladiator games.  Both games were for people’s entertainment.

Suzanne Collins was channel surfing at home, trying to think of how to write the book.  On one channel was people competing in a game show for money.  On the next channel was people people fighting in war.  Then, ideas started hitting her.  She combined the two shows in a way and created “The Hunger Games.”

 A Little Extra About Suzanne’s Life

Since 1991, Suzanne Collins has been writing children shows and books.  She has worked as a staff member on several Nickelodeon shows.  She currently lives in Connecticut with her family and two kittens that they adopted from their backyard.                                            -this link has Suzanne Collins Q’s and A’s