About the Author (me)

I am…

I am sister, daughter, friend, teammate.

I am soccer field, full of victory and hard work.

I am green, like the grass sparkling with dew drops.

I am joy with thankfulness and wonder.

I am milk, pure and delicious.

I am deep green eyes and short hair.

I am boots and jean shorts.

I am graceful  fingers and quick feet.

I am beautiful sad songs with poetry of words.

I am a follower, trusting, listening, and believing.


The Perfect Job For Me

Picking the perfect job is a very hard decision and it takes a lot a thinking before deciding. As I thought through some of the job possibilities for me, I was thinking of what I like to do and some of my talents.  For example, if someone is good at soccer and loves to play it, they might want to be a soccer coach/player.  If they are good at sculpting and enjoy doing it, they would want to be a sculptor.  It also takes a lot of thinking, though.  As a kid, I’m not sure what I really want, yet.  Right now, if I had to choose a job, it would be a pianist/singer.

I play the piano and love to do it.  In my free time, I sit down at the piano and just play.  No matter what song it is, I just play.  My favorite song to play and sing is “Someone Like You” by Adele.  It is a beautiful song, especially the piano part.  Also, I am always singing while I do my homework, and I love to sing.  The only problem is that I don’t feel comfortable singing in front of other people.  I would be willing to work on that, though, if my job were to be a pianist and singer.

One thought on “About the Author (me)

  1. Olivia, I love your “I am” poem. It captures you so well! You are such a precious and special person.. so talented & gifted, so sweet, with such a tender, caring heart, so intelligent, so beautiful inside and out. It is exciting to think about all that God is going to do in you and through you. One of your biggest fans, Bill

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