Is blogging negative or positive?

I think that it is beneficial for kids to have blogs.  If you like blogging, you can teach other kids around the world about you.  You can persuade people to agree with you about things, but also, you can learn about other people and see if there are other people in the world like you.  I think the most important thing about blogging is you can make a difference in the world.  The Week 4 Challenge about making it global was a great idea.  Since all of the blogs around the world are accessible, people have opportunities to make a difference by telling people about the problems we have in our world like world hunger.  If people are really inspired to make a difference by reading a blog, they can tell their friends about that blog.  If that one blog is spread around the world, it can make a big difference, so I think blogging is great.  If you want to know how to make a difference, you can read my week 4 post from about a month and a half ago about world hunger.  Please read it.  WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! 🙂

Comment!  What do you think about blogging?  Is it positive, negative, or both?

Week 10 Challenge-Almost Finished!

For the Week 10 Challenge, I took the survey and my friend, Emma, talked to me about my blog, too. Here is the feedback I received about my blog from her:

Emma: How many posts did you write?

Me: I wrote 25 posts.

Emma: How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

Me: I wrote 14 school based posts, 2 based on my own interests, and this is my tenth for the challenge.

Emma: How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

Me: I received 31 comments in all.

Emma: Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

Me: The post I wrote called “Hunger Not a Game” received the most comments.  I think this happened because it really caught people’s attention to make a difference and make a change in people lives.  I think it is wonderful that this post received the most comments.

Emma: Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

Me: I enjoyed writing the post called “Week 8 Learning Time”.  It was fun to write about learning how to ride my bike because it brought back really fun memories.  I had a great time picturing the story in my head.

Emma: Did you change blog themes at all and why?

Me: No, I didn’t change my blog theme at all because I thought the theme I had made my blog organized and interesting to look at without distracting people from my posts.

Emma: How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

Me: I have 2 widgets.  One is my pet hedgehog, Pickles, and the other is my clustermap.  I think this is a good amount of widgets because it keeps people entertained, but also doesn’t distract people from reading and commenting.  I have visited some blogs with maybe 20 widgets and all they do is distract me.  I think it would be fine to maybe have 4 or 5 widgets, as long as they aren’t that distracting and people still would want to read your blog.

Emma: How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

Me: I believe that I have either one or no oversea students on my blogroll.  But, I have a question for you this time.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), how would you rate my blog?  What are your favorite and maybe not so favorite parts of my blog?

Emma: I honestly think your blog is a 10.  Just kidding, I think it’s a 2.  Just kidding, I think it is honestly a 10.  Your blog stinks, just kidding, just kidding!  Don’t write that!  It is amazing!

Me: Okay….but what are your favorite and least favorite parts of my blog?

Emma: My favorite part of your blog is your theme and background.  I think it really fits your personality and who you are and yeah, stuff.  That’s it.

Me: Thanks!  What are/is your least favorite part(s) of my blog?

Emma: Well, I don’t not like anything about your blog.  Ha ha ha, yeah.

Me: Thanks..again!  So, you don’t think there is anything bad or negative about my blog?

Emma: No.

Me: Okay!  Nice talking to you!

Emma: You too!


Overall, I think that Emma likes my blog and I also like her blog too!  Make sure to visit hers.  Here is the link again: Emma’s Blog

And to everyone in the challenge: GOOD LUCK AND GREAT JOB! 🙂


Week 9 Challenge

For the Week 9 Challenge, I had an interesting time visiting other people’s blogs.  Here is a list of the blogs I visited:

The way I organized this list is first, I put the link to the Blog’s Home Page.  Then, I put the link to the Blog’s Post I commented on.  Here is an example, then the list.  Make sure to visit at least 3 of the blogs in this list because they are really great and worth reading!

Ex: Blog Home Page-post I commented on

Em’s BlogAbout Page/Post

BB’s Awesome BlogAll About Me Post/Page

Hope’s Learning ParkOur New Puppy Post

Miriam’s Magical MomentsVisit Hot Springs Post

Ben’s Next StopNext Stop-Maui

Smiling SarahAt the Beach Post

Thinking About…FreeRice

Jaden’s BlogCatching Fire Book Review

Bree’s BlogPoor Poor Me






Week 8 Learning Time

For the Week 8 Challenge, I thought I should do the “learning time” option to share a story telling how I learned how to ride my bike.

I was about six years old when I first received my bike without training wheels.  I was so excited, yet a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to ride it.  My mom and dad seemed excited to teach me.  I put on my new helmet and got onto the bike.  That second, I almost fell over, but my mom was holding the bike.  Next, my feet reached for the pedals.  I started pedaling down the sidewalk as my mom was holding the handle bars.  As soon as she let go, I almost fell again.  I couldn’t keep my balance.  We tried many times, but I just couldn’t keep my balance.  We tried day after day, but every time, I still had trouble, so we decided I wasn’t ready yet.

Soon after that, we moved to a new house.  When we had started unpacking everything, there it was, my bike.  I excitedly got it out of the garage, put my helmet on, and without my mom, started pedaling.  I was riding all by myself around my driveway.  I called my mom to come out, and the next moment, I was riding down the street.  I don’t know what happened, but I all of a sudden knew how to ride my bike after I had had trouble every time before.  Now, I always ride my bike and I enjoy it.  I encourage you to never give up even when you feel like you just can’t do it.  Stick to it!!!



Demeter, Goddess of Harvest

This is a picture of a project I made at school.  It represents Demeter, the goddess of harvest, so I made a mini garden in a shoe box with moss, rocks, string, and tiny signs for each crop (carrots, cucumbers, etc.).  The doll is actually from Guatemala, but I chose her to be Demeter because she has what looks like wheat on her head.  Wheat is her main symbol.  Demeter is either holding wheat or next to wheat in most of the pictures of her.  If you want to make a project like this, go ahead!  It’s really simple and fun!  Also, feel free to comment! 🙂













Week 7 Challenge

For the Week 7 Challenge, we had a chance to take it easy and simply just express ourselves through art.  I made three pictures on OdoSketch.  I also used howtodrawit, which is a fun website that gives you steps for drawing animals, plants, etc.  I enjoyed trying out both websites, and I hope that you try them out, too!

My first picture is a rose.  One of my favorite flowers is a rose.  To me, they represent beauty and remind me of how blessed I am to be surrounded by amazing nature.


My next picture is of a lion.  It represents strength and reminds me that impossible is nothing.


I hope you have enjoyed my pictures because I have one more.  This last picture is of a jellyfish.  I think jellyfish are just cool animals.  They are almost fully made of water.  Also, I love going to the beach and I have seen many jellyfish.